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Message from the Board of Directors

Kombassan Holding
The new board of directors of our Group was elected at the general assembly meetings of Construction Business, Agriculture Business and the Holding itself held on the dates of 20.09.2007 and 27.09.2007

As the new management, we will strive to improve our trademark image and enhance our profitability rates. And while reaching these goals, we are determined to act transparently and be centered on us rather than being egocentric.

As you may also know, our group is based on a multi-partnered structure. When the group was founded, we were all in great ideals such as our beliefs, values, love of homeland and a desire to develop our country and we were not expecting any personal gains or were not motivated with individual passions. Our capital structure enables us to see all departments of our Holding not being owned by some A person or B person; rather than that the Holding belongs to all of us, as partners. And as we see our Group as a “sacred trust”, we are prepared to be very diligent in this business and be respectful to collective rights and restrictions more than individual rights and restrictions. In other words, our responsibilities and tasks are larger and more difficult than the partners of those companies that are owned by individuals or families.

While conducting our business, we must always remember that our partners have great expectations, they strongly believe in us and they would all the times pray for our success. Therefore those very naïve and sincere ideals that we hold at the beginning must never be forgotten when we face difficulties, omissions and disillusions in the future. Because it is indeed very hard or even impossible to perform good and beautiful things if we have no intrinsic trust in us and do not believe what we do.

The businesses we have been conducted and the businesses we will launch in the future require certain techniques and methods as well as considerable budgetary expenditures. And these factors all too important. However moral values, ethical principles and exciting ideals are also indispensible for our successful existence